Ordering and Terms

I work with people who have a wide range of ideas. Some have a very clear image of the project they would like commissioned. Others are looking into possibilities and are in need of input or the opportunity to discuss their idea. Regardless most projects begin with a phone call.

Our process is simple. We discuss your project and I will provide a rough estimate after going over the specifics, and if you accept I will generate scale drawings. When the drawings are approved I will submit a formal contract and your project will be scheduled.

Idea Development

The first consultation is complementary. We will use this time to discuss the scope of the project and what you’re looking for. Whatever information you can provide at this time is helpful, from verbal descriptions to pictures or sketches. Once I have a solid understanding of the project I will work up an estimate. If you’re interested in moving forward at this point I will ask for a small fee for starting the design work.

Design Work

Designing custom woodwork is a dynamic process involving a great deal of effort and time on both the side of the craftsman and the customer. It’s not like selecting and ordering a set of windows from a department store and having them installed once they have been manufactured.  It is a proactive process to make sure you are happy with the final results, often requiring many hours of collaborative work. All drawing and design services are provided based on an hourly wage. Upon completion, cost of drawings is due.

Your Quote

A firm price is quoted at this point. If you decide to move forward, a contract is signed along with the drawings. 50% of total project cost is due at contract signing; the final 50% is due upon project completion. Projects do not leave the shop until they are paid in full. You are encouraged to visit the shop by appointment to check the progress of your project.